In early 2023, Building A was added to the Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration Office in the former parking  space in front of the main building.

In October 2023, Building B was opened opposite. As a result, check in procedures were changed..

Foreigners attending to do their 90 days address confirmation continue to report directly to Building “A” without prior registration. Click here for more information about the 90 day address reporting requirement.

All other immigration customers first must report to the counter in Building “B” to obtain a Queue ticket number for further service. The first number of the ticket, e.g., "08" will denote the desk number in the main building or in the case of TM.30 Address reporting in Building "A". Click here for more information about the TM.30 address reporting, which is not the same as the 90 day address report.

Depending on the specific service they need, the ticket number will direct them to the immigration main building (all visa extensions for example) or to Building “A” (for TM30 address registration).  Building B is also the air conditioned waiting room until your Queue number is called.

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