Do you want to attend an event or visit a special place and share the transportation cost?  It is possible that the PCEC may be able to assist by working with you to arrange the transportation and get others to join with you to share the transportation cost.

Currently, members of the PCEC have arranged for two trips available for those that wish to attend – the Dolphinarium here in Pattaya and the Mega Mall in Bangkok.

See the details in the below announcements.

Such trips are usually more fun when you can join in with old friends, or make new ones, as well as share the cost. The trip to the Mega Mall for up to nine people will share the 2,500 total van cost (about 280 baht if a full van goes). Transportation to the Dolphinarium is 500 baht (about 125 baht round trip for four people sharing).

When trips are planned, including the current ones, there are sign-up sheets provided at the Club meeting. Once there are sufficient participants, a mutually acceptable date is arranged and trip cost collected.



The Mega Mall in Bangkok is not only a shopping mall, but it is also an amazing place to visit with IKEA being the important destination, but also for the more than 150 restaurants and shops to dine and browse.

Members of the PCEC have arranged for groups to share the transportation costs  - the van cost of 2,500 baht is shared which makes the trip affordable.  These trips have proved so popular, that they are usually scheduled for the 3rd Thursday of each month. 

The trip will normally leave at 9:30am from the Markland Condo/hotel and return there about 5pm. Those wishing to participate may sign up for the trip ahead of time to secure a seat on the Van, but their share of the cost will need to be paid to the organizer(s) during the Wednesday PCEC meeting preceding the date of the trip.

   Click here for their website.


The Dolphinarium in Pattaya is presenting an exciting Dolphin show featuring their trainers standing on the noses of Dolphins while they swim across the Dolphinarium's large pool and depositing them, standing, on the pool's edge.

This is followed by the same Dolphins jumping over very high hoops, playing ball, and supporting the trainer on their noses at high speed around the pool. As an added event there is an opportunity for you to swim with the Dolphins.   Click here for their website.

The charge for the show is 420 baht (swimming with the Dolphins is extra). Shows are given at 11:00, 14:00, & 17:00, and it is closed on Wednesday.
You can reserve seats in advance for yourself and your friends by calling 064-778-8999, buy your tickets at the door or joining the PCEC group trip by signing up at the Club Meeting. Member Richard Smith will arrange transportation to and from the show when there are at least six people for the 15-minute trip from the Markland Condo to the Dolphinarium. The transportation fee is 100 baht per person. The trip is usually on Thursdays but can be scheduled any time there are six or more people.

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