(place your signature on all photocopy pages)

·         TM.7 Application for Extension of Stay

·         Photograph (Available at shop next to Immigration)

·         Original Passport

·         Photo Copy of passport1

          ·         Identification page

          ·         Non-Immigrant Visa

          ·         All Extensions of Stay stamps

          ·         Latest entry into Thailand stamp

          ·         Photo Copy of TM.6 Departure Card (if you have one*)

·         Original Embassy Certification Letter attesting to 65,000 baht in monthly income is required if your Embassy issues such letters.   If your Embassy does not certify monthly income (UK,  USA, Australia), you will need the following:

      o   Original Bank Passbook showing transactions for 12 months preceding the date of application (on the day of application do an ATM withdrawal then update bank book).

      o   Photo Copy of Bank Passbook(s) pages showing all the above transactions the transaction on the date of application can be omitted from the photocopies.

      o   Original Bank Letter verifying Account is in your name and showing the current balance should be dated on date of application or previous day if applying early before banks open (this is the same letter as required for those using 800,000 in Thai bank and most bank branches are very familiar with it).

     o   Original - Bank Letter showing transfers from source outside of Thailand for the 12 months previous to the application date that are at least 65,000 baht in each month). Click here for an example.2

    o   Copy of document showing source of income (e.g., Statement of Pension amount from source (not over 6 months old).

·         ONLY IF UNDERLYING VISA was a Non-Immigrant “OA” Letter from Thai health insurance company on TGIA Listing as evidence of having required health insurance coverage should coincide with the beginning date of the extension period.

·         Copy(ies) of Proof of Residence (e.g., Rental Agreement, Housebook, Company documents if Company owned, etc.)

·         Extension Fee 1,900 Baht

1 If using a newer passport, copies of the pages showing Immigration transfer stamps and subsequent extension stamps if applicable.

2 If your bank will not provide a letter similar to the Bangkok Bank letter, see if you can obtain copies of receipts, showing the international deposits made for each of the previous 12 months. A member with an account at Kasikorn Bank did this and also provided a single sheet showing just the dates and amounts of the international pension deposits for the previous 12 months. These were accepted by Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration.

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