If you are residing in Thailand on a long stay extension, you will need to obtain a Re-Entry Permit if you plan to leave Thailand and want to keep your extension of stay valid.

Departing Thailand without a Re-Entry Permit cancels any existing extensions of stay.

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Where do I obtain a Re-Entry Permit?

Before your planned departure you can apply for the Re-Entry Permit at the Thai Immigration Office for the geographical area of your residence. 

You can also obtain a Re-Entry Permit at either Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi or Don Muang  Airports that operates 24/7. Note: Allow yourself extra time at the airport to obtain the Permit. 

When do I not need a  Re-Entry Permit?

If your Permission to Stay is based on a multiple entry Non-Immigrant Visa AND you plan to depart and re-enter Thailand BEFORE the Visa expires (Enter by Date shown on the Visa), no Re-Entry Permit is necessary.  Upon re-entry, you will receive the number of days authorized by the type of Non-Immigrant Visa as noted in the Entering Thailand information section.

How long is the Re-Entry Permit valid and what happens upon re-entry into Thailand?

There are two types of Re-Entry Permit:

  • Single Entry - Fee 1,000 baht.  May be used one time and expires on the date your Permission to Stay expires (Immigration Officer will stamp "Used" on it upon re-entry).
  • Multiple Entry - Fee 3,800 baht. May be used as many times as you wish prior to its expiration date, which will be the date your Permission to Stay expires.

When re-entering Thailand, you will complete a new TM.6 Arrival & Departure card. In the place for the "Visa" number, enter the "Re-Entry Permit" number instead.

The Immigration Officer will give you another Permission to Stay stamp which will continue your previous Permission to Stay.

For example, if our Permission to Stay is until December 15, 2020 and you obtain your Re-Entry Permit on March 8, 2020, the Permit will expire on December 15, 2020 - you depart Thailand on April 12, 2020 and return on August 8, 2020, the Immigration Officer will stamp your passport with a new Permission to Stay until December 15, 2020. If a multiple Re-Entry Permit, the new Permission to Stay will be until December 15, 2020 upon each re-entry into Thailand.

Caution: Immigration Officers have been known to err and give only the 30 days used for Visa Exempt entry.  Before leaving the Immigration counter, double check to see that you have the correct Permission to Stay date entered.

Suggestion: Insert your TM.6 card in your passport at the page where the Re-Entry Permit is stamped before handing them to the Immigration Officer.

Note: if you intend to leave and re-enter Thailand only 3 times, obtaining single Re-Entry stamps prior to departure each time, would appear to save 800 baht, remember that each stamp will take up space on 3 pages of your passport.  Therefore, you may wish to consider obtaining the multiple Re-Entry Permit as it takes up a portion of only one page and involves only one trip to Immigration to obtain.

What documents are required by Immigration for getting the Re-Entry Permit?

The following will be needed at the Immigration Office - if applying at the airport, no photo is required as they will use a digital camera (200 baht is added to the fee):

  • Completed Form TM.8 Application for Re-Entry Permit Into the Kingdom
  •  Photograph 4x6  (Not required if obtaining at the airport as they will take a digital photograph - 100 baht additional charge)
    •  Photocopies from Passport:
    • Identity page
    • Page showing current permit to stay stamp
    • Page showing stamp for last date entered Thailand
    •  Photocopy of TM.6 Departure Card

    Note:  Many Expats choose to obtain their Re-Entry Permit from Immigration as soon as they receive their annual extension; since Re-Entry Permit expires on the expiration date of their latest extension of stay, it will then be available if and when needed during the coming year.

    However, be aware that at Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration, if you enter a planned departure date on the application of more than one or two weeks in the future, they will not issue the Re-Entry Permit and will tell you to return within a week or two of your planned date.

    However, if you leave the departure date on the application form blank, they will usually issue the Permit with no questions – in the event the Officer does ask about a planned departure date, an acceptable answer is usually that the date is not known, but will be in the very near future.  

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