A Residence Certificate is needed by foreigners to obtain a Thai Driving License and for buying a vehicle.

Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration issues the Certificate for a fee of 300 baht. It usually can be obtained the same day, often with only a brief wait, unless obtained in afternoon, when you may be asked to return the following business day to pick it up.

Although the Land Transport Office will accept one original and a photocopy of the Certificate if obtaining both an automobile and motorcycle license, the Immigration Office will tell you that you need an original Certificate for each if you indicate on the application form it is for both - if you indicate it is only for one or the other, you can  make a photocopy to give to the Land Transport Office with your documentation for the second license (motorcycle or automobile). 

The Process for Obtaining the Certificate

1. Upon entering the Immigration Office, advise the Officer at the Information Counter that you want a residence certificate for either obtaining a driving license or purchasing a vehicle. If you are getting two original certificates, you will need two sets of documents.

The documents you will need:

  • Completed Application Form(s) - note at the bottom the purpose of the Certificate in the place indicated
  • Two (2) Photographs for each application - Passport Size - approximately 4x5 cm or 1 5/8 x 2 inches (One photo will be retained with the application and the other will be affixed to the Residence Certificate)
  • Passport Original
  • Photocopies of pages in your passport - Identity Page, Latest Visa, Visa Extension Stamp, and last Entry Stamp into Thailand
  • Photocopy of your Departure Card – TM.6 (should be stapled in your passport)
  • Evidence of your current address in Thailand - Ownership papers, rental agreement, lease, etc. or other evidence that you reside at the address - utility bill, cable/satellite TV bill, etc. showing your name and the address [we have received reports that if staying in a hotel, have them prepare a letter stating you are a guest]
  • Evidence of filing of TM.30 form [Click here for more information]

2.           Take the completed form(s) and documents to the Information Counter - after checking them for completeness, you will receive a queue ticket for Desk 9; take a seat in front of desk 9 and wait for your number to be called.

3.          When called, the Immigration Officer will check your documents, collect the 300 baht fee, give you a “claim check”, and tell you when to return to pick up your Certificate of Residence.

4.         When you return to pick up the Certificate, you do not have to get a queue number, just go to Desk 9 and hand them your “claim check”, pick up your passport and Certificate(s).

Note: You can get photocopies and photographs from the shop adjacent to the Immigration Office if you wish for a small fee based on the number needed.

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