Recommendations for various types of services are often sought by Expats living in Pattaya.

Your fellow Expats based on their experience recommend the following services offered by Pattaya businesses.

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The information provided on businesses are from recommendations provided by Expats based on their experience.  It is listed here as a service to our fellow Expats.
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Fulfil Pharma

Telephone: 095-5249166 , 062-8241591

Line: @223zwfee

129/20 Village No. 6, Nong Prue, Bang Lamung, Chonburi

Click here for their YouTube video introduction.

3 Expats have recommended them. Their comments:

First: Best delivery pharmacy service in Pattaya. Great English speaking staff. They can give advice on medications and deliver to your door for a very small fee. Highly recommended.  They are reported to have lower prices or will match those of the major pharmacies and online pharmacies in Bangkok. Worth noting if he hasn’t got the original product, he will offer a generic and the price could be cheaper in some cases, but it depends on the medication.

Second: Finally found a local pharmacy with lower prices than my online pharmacy in BKK. (Will negotiate prices). Delivery via EMS or Grab. Good English.

Third: I contacted them and gave them a list of 5 medicines (3 that I obtain from a Bangkok online pharmacy and 2 from a major branch of a pharmacy chain in Thailand). Their prices were lower for all 5 and they quoted a price of 40 baht for delivery by EMS.

Legal and Other Assistance

Fast Services

Rose Weston, Registered Interpreter with the Thai Courts.


092 424 7991



Available 24/7 to provide assistance.

Rose has given previously given a presentation to the PCEC. Several Expats have used her services.

It is important to have a reliable legal adviser in Thailand. Rose Weston provides a liaison between you and your Thai attorney to ensure nothing is lost in translation which is to often the case when English speaking Expats explain their issues. Rose, a registered interpreter with the Thai courts, is familiar with the legal system works with you so that the Thai attorney you retain fully understands your situation.

Rose can assist Expats in their dealings with Thais, especially the police or other Officials. You never know you're going to need help and when you run into any issue any incidents or situations what you should do what or what to avoid. If you are asked to sign a document in Thai, it is advisable to sign nothing until you call her. She is available 24/7 and can offer advice and assistance.

Alterations - Tailor Shop

Moo and Noi

Telephone: 084-779-6629

280/28, Moo 9,(narrow) Soi Sanam Muny, Off  of Soi Buakhao from Pattaya Klang (Central) Road

Expat comment: Alterations. Restitching. My wife had 3 trousers measured--great fitting.

Carpet Cleaning

PK Cleaning

112/97 Moo. 11 Soi Khaotalo

Telephone: 038-333-233 or 086-314-5893 or 038-333-005



Click here for webpage

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Expat comment: They did a good job on our wall to wall carpet and can also do area rug cleaning. They charge by the square meter. Price was about the as in the US and just as well done.


Fun Gym

Telephone number 087-238-2366



Open 7am to 10pm Monday to Saturday

Open 9am to 10pm Sunday

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Expat Comment: They have all new equipment and membership fee is about one half of that charged by another popular gym in Pattaya.

To reach "Fun Gym" you need to travel up Soi Siam Countryclub until you reach the traffic lights at the junction with the top of Soi Nernplubwan. While travelling east towards the reservoir, you will see a Tesco-Lotus and a 7-Eleven hugging two corners of this well-known junction. You need to get behind the buildings that house the 7-Eleven, which you can do by turning in off Nernplubwan, or by turning off Soi Siam after passing the traffic lights by 20 meters.

Insurance Agent

Neng (Chamnong Anusat-utai)

Chan Thong Place 390/24 Moo 10, Chan Thong Place Building

Hours: 9am to 5pm Closed Sunday

Telephone: 033-048-336

084-003-6030,084-003-6030 (Neng), 094-895-5465 (Taa)


Location: Pattaya 3rd Road (Opposite Diamond Badminton) between Soi 17 (traffic light) and Bali Hai Overpass of Thappraya Road.

 Click here for website.

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Expat Comment: Neng is an individual broker offering all types of insurance.

He speaks good English. He is highly recommended by many  PCEC members.

He usually attends the Club meetings arriving around 11:30am.

Insurance Agent

Macallan Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.

Jack Levy – Managing Director

    Wanarom (Wana) Hiranprapakul – Office Manager

      63/14-15 M. 10 South Pattaya Rd
      Telephone 038-427904, 038-427905

      Hours: 9am-5pm M-F, 9am-4pm Sat.


      Click here for website

      Click here for Facebook page.

      Click here for presentation to PCEC by Jack Levy on 29th July 2018

        Jack Levy has been an insurance broker in Pattaya for  many years and has many satisfied Expat clients. 

        Expat Comment:  I had a problem with a hospital admission  in getting a guarantee from the insurance  company on a policy obtained from Jack Levy.  He stepped in and assisted me with the company and they provided the needed guarantee.

        Legal Service

        Thai888 Law Co., Ltd

        Kelvin Bamfield is the Managing Director and his wife Jaeb and other staff provide the legal services.

        View Talay 5D, 478/10 & 12, Thappraya Road, Jomtien

        Telephone: 080 102 8978


        Website -  Click here    

        This firm offers a discount on wills for PCEC Members - Click here for information.

        Expat Comment: Kelvin and Jaeb prepared my last will and testament for Thailand. They later arranged for a Thai notarized Power of Attorney for use in Thailand.  They also provide a Living Will and  have satisfactorily arranged for some Expat friend's funerals.

        Passport Photo

        FK Studio

        Telephone number: 038-412-612

        Hours: 10am to 9pm daily

        Located on the Soi that runs on the North side of Central Marina shopping mall – about half way between 2nd Road and the road that goes past the rear of the Mall.

        Expat Comment: They have a sheet showing the requirements of various countries, i.e., USA, UK, etc.  He obtained photos there to renew his USA passport and had no problem with them being accepted.

        Septic Tank Service

        Kuhn John

        Telephone No:


        Expat Comment:  He came an emptied tank for 1,500 baht

        Septic Tank Service

        Telephone No:


        Expat Comment: I noticed the recommended septic tank plumber charges B1500.  This lot charges about 1/2 that - in the Huay Yai area, not sure of their range -  087 581 4682.  I don’t have a name for them, just have a Thai speaker call them.

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