Recommendations for storage facilities are often sought by Expats living in Pattaya especially if they are transferring locations or plan to leave & return at a later date.

The Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC) is providing this list as a service for Expats.

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The information provided on businesses are from recommendations provided by Expats based on their experience.  It is listed here as a service to our fellow Expats.

The Pattaya City Expats Club does not sponsor, guarantee satisfaction, or otherwise endorse these businesses and does not receive any monetary or other consideration for listing them here.


They offer Club members a 10% discount.

Telephone No.:



(Owner’s name is Lee)

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Their brochure states they offer:

Security: 24 hours with CCTV

Capacity: various size cages from small containers up to holding furniture from a 2 bedroom house.

Pick Up Service: They will drop off a container at your location to be filled and then pick it up and take it to their storage facility.

Vehicles: They offer storage parking for motorcycles and automobiles. 

Long Term Discount: They also offer a discount for long term storage. Expat Experience: A member contracted with them for long term storage and received a 15% discount. The member said the facilities are nice, have ventilation, and CCTV cameras.

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