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All foreigners visiting in Thailand For some, it will only be the Immigration checkpoint when entering or leaving Thailand.

For some, it will only be the Immigration checkpoint when entering or leaving Thailand.

For some, it will only be the Immigration checkpoint when entering or leaving Thailand. For others, it will be dealing with their local Immigration Office.

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These pages should assist those wanting to visit or live in Thailand with complying with Thai visa and immigration requirements. Although the Rules are the same, each Immigration Office interprets them in their own way and procedures & documents can differ among them. See "More Information" below.

Although Thailand Immigration has been noted for sometimes making changes without notice, the information presented is current to the best of our knowledge.

If you should encounter something different or find a broken link, please email us at info@pcec.club.

Overall Immigration requirements are contained in the Immigration Act of 2522. Rules for the issuance of Visas to enter Thailand by Thai Embassies and Consulates are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Rules for actually entering and remaining in Thailand are issued by the Immigration Bureau of the Royal Thai Police.


When arriving at the airport in Thailand, be sure to retain your boarding pass as it may be asked for at the Immigration counter.


Do not overstay the admitted until date stamped into your passport by Thai Immigration.

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Overstay Penalties

To do so is a criminal offense subject to fine and deportation. Also, depending on the length of overstay, you can be banned from entering Thailand for a period of time.


The initial period of stay provided by Thai Immigration upon entry can be extended depending on the type of entry.

  •  It can be done one time for 30 days for Visa Exempt or Tourist Visa entry.
  • It can be done for 60 days if married to a Thai Citizen.
  • It can be done for up to one-year for most holders of a Non-Immigrant Visa.
    • Qualifying for the extension as well as the documents required will depend on the purpose of the extension.
    • Immigration Offices within Thailand follow rules issued by the Immigration Bureau, but what is specifically required to support the application may differ between the various Offices.

The most common purposes for extension are: (1) retirement, (2) married or related to a Thai, (3) Education, (4) Business, or (5) being a Thai National or Parents were/are Thai Nationals.

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[NOTE: The General Rules apply to all, but each Immigration Office will have their own requirements as to the documents needed.  For documents and process, we include only those required by Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration.

Extending Stay


If you wish to leave Thailand, but need to keep your latest permission to stay in effect, you may need to obtain a Re-Entry Permit from Thai Immigration. Re-Entry Permits can be for single or multiple entry and will expire on the date of your latest permission to stay.

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Re-Entry Permit


Thai Immigration requires the address where a foreigner is staying be reported.

  • The address of foreigners must be reported to Immigration within 24 hours of arrival - who is required to report depends on type of accommodation. (Form TM.30)

  • All foreigners staying in Thailand more than 90 consecutive days must report their address. (Form TM.47)

  • If there is a permanent change of address, it must be reported to Immigration (Form TM.27)

Click the button below for information on whether you need to report your residence address, where to report, and how often.

Address Reporting

Chonburi Immigration Office

Thai Immigration Offices have their own procedures which differ from other Immigration Offices. Also, Immigration Officers may ask for more documentation or impose additional requirements.

The Club's information in these Thai Immigration pages are based on Immigration rules and Expat reports at the Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration Office when they represent apparent policy.

However, sometimes, these reports indicate requirements that are not consistently applied, but may be encountered or other information that may be of interest.  Click here for the latest information from these reports.

Click here for location map for Chonburi (Pattaya) Immigration Office.

Click here for the information on how to obtain Immigration Services at Chonburi Immigration Office located on Jomtien Beach Road Soi 5.

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