Information provided by Bud Dooley - Click here for YouTube video of his presentation to the Club on 2 November 2022 and Click here for YouTube video on his follow up presentation on 23 November 2022 - Bud's follow up was the second part of the program and begins at 47 and a half minutes into the video.

Tips for Power Outages


  • ·         Installing home UPS & surge suppressor systems to help protect your devices
  • ·         Test UPS systems regularly for good batteries, replace bad batteries ASAP
  • ·         Have solar powered phone charger, flashlight , recharge every 3 months 
  • ·         Keep a full freezer of Ice cubes - to help keep it cool longer if power is lost.
  • ·         Keep electronic devices fully charged, power banks, etc.
  • ·         Have good batteries ready for flashlights, radios, etc.
  • ·         Have at least 30 days’ worth of essential medications in home
  • ·         If you have special medical needs - stock up (example: insulin)
  • ·         Have a small radio available, know the local news channels
  • ·         Have enough food & water to stay at home for several days or weeks
  • ·         Keep backup electronics in a faraday bag  - phone, PC, radio, key FOB, passport, Bitcoin wallet, access cards, etc. (Ideally turn your safe into a faraday bag as well)  
  • ·         Keep enough cash to live for a month (not in a bank)
  • ·         Have an emergency contact list on paper, you may not have power for electronic devices
  • ·         Other supplies – lighter, matches, weapons, first aid kit , Candles, gas heater
  • ·         Prepare a bug-out bag in case you need to leave in a hurry – have your essentials in it.
  • ·         Have a manual key to your safe, the safe condo may not work after an EMP event
  • ·         Keep you vehicles as full of gas as possible
  • ·         Print this list out & keep it somewhere safe


  • ·         Try to identify reason for the outage (it is Local, a big outage or even an EMP)  
  • o   It is a rolling blackout, brownout, large outage EMP?
  • ·         Unplug sensitive electronic devices
  • ·         Fill bathtub with water ASAP for use to flush toilet, washing or extra drinking, etc.
  • ·         Don’t open the freezer frequently, food will stay cold longer
  • ·         Leave at least one light one so you will know when power is restored
  • ·         Shelter in a safe area as soon as possible - avoid being in public as much as possible


  • ·         Do not plug devices in until 30 after the return of power
  • ·         Check if devices are still working
  • ·         Restock, recharge, refuel as soon as it is safe to do so
  • ·         Check for bad food in freezer, & dispose of as needed
  • ·         Contact others associates to see if they are ok share info etc.  

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