Holders of passports from 19 countries may obtain a visa upon arrival in Thailand for a permitted stay of 15 days.   Click Here for a list of these countries. Visa on Arrival is not available at all border crossings - a list of ports of entry that allow a Visa on Arrival is shown on the Embassy of Thailand London’s website – Click here to view the list.

Please CLICK HERE to check our Latest Thai Immigration Information page for updates or temporary changes that are not included in these pages.

What is needed on entry into Thailand?

You will need to go to the Visa on Arrival desk at the point of entry. You will need to present:

  •  Your passport with at least 30 days of validity and 2 blank pages.
OR (if you did not use the eService)
  • Completed Form TM.88, Application for Visa on Arrival.
  • A recent photograph - 4x6cm.
  • Visa on Arrival Fee of 2,000 baht.
  • Fully paid ticket to leave Thailand which is usable within 15 days of the date of entry.
  • Confirmed hotel booking or other evidence of residence while in Thailand.

You may also be asked to show you have the means to cover living expenses in the amount of 10,000 baht per person or 20,000 baht per family.


Can the initial permitted stay be extended?

Visitors who enter the Kingdom with Visa on Arrival generally cannot file an application for extension of stay except in special cases such as illness which prevents them from travelling, etc.


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