Thai Immigration implemented a new online system for filing the 90 Day Address Report - TM.47 in 2021. The previous online reporting system often had problems and could not be used.  Reports we have received on the current system from Expats is that they have been able to successfully use it.

To begin, one must first register their information for the system and receive a password by email. 

Note:  Reporting can be done up to 14 days in advance but no later than the due date.


You must first register to use the system.  You enter your email address, your surname, given name, and telephone number.

To verify you are a real person, you enter the characters that appear on the Registration Page and then click on Apply.

You will receive an email response stating "Your account has been successfully created". It will include a password and link to Immigration's online reporting page.  Click on the link and log in with the password you received or you can click the button below for the login page:

Log In For 90 Day Address Reporting


Enter your email address and the password provided by Immigration.

Enter the characters in the space provided and click on Login.

On the page that appears, you will need to click "Accept" the terms and conditions in order to proceed.

On the next page Click on the Blue Button to enter your information.  The Green Button can be used to check on the status of the report once it has been submitted.

Complete the information requested.

* If you have previously filed an online report, complete the information in "1" & "2" and then click on the box in "3" and then click on the magnifying glass ("4"). The form will then auto fill the information from your last report.

Click on the button to accept the terms and conditions ("5"), then click on the "submit" button ("6").

A "Success" message should flash and disappear.

An email will be sent with a copy of the TM.47 front page filled out attached (pdf file).

This approval process make take a few hours or days, but you should received another email when it is approved along with a copy the TM.47 Receipt Page completed including your next 90 day reporting due date (pdf file).

Print the receipt and replace the one in your passport with the new one.

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