For transferring funds into Thailand, the Bank of Thailand does not limit the amount.

The method of transfer and fees will vary as it involves the policies of at least two financial institutions - the one sending and the one receiving.

A common method is sending an International Wire Transfer from your financial institution to a Thai bank account. Another method is using an International Money Transfer Service.

If you have a Bangkok Bank Account, funds can be transferred  by certain methods from USA Banks using their New York Branch.

If you are the recipient of US Government pension/benefits or Social Security, you may be able to arrange an International Direct Deposit (IDD) to your Thai bank account.

To transfer funds into a Thai bank, you will most likely need to use the  bank's SWIFT code. Click here for a listing of code(s) for each bank.

Bank to bank wire transfers are probably the most common method for transferring funds from your home country to Thailand.

Banks in Thailand do not use an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) identification number; however, they do use the SWIFT coding system for banking transactions.

You will need to contact your sending bank for their policies and instructions for sending an International wire transfer.

Some banks allow you to send a transfer using online banking but may require receiving and inserting a code when doing the initial set up. Others may require you fax them an authorization or use a telephone/PIN system, whereas others may require you do it in person.

Tip: Based on experience, most Expats wire the funds in their local currency not in baht. Thai banks accept  it in the local currency and convert it to baht before depositing it. Although there is a small conversion fee, the much more favorable exchange rate used by Thai banks more than offset this fee.

Note: If you are transferring funds into Thailand for the purchase of real property or the making of a loan to purchase property, be sure to include this purpose on the wire with sufficient information if possible, to identify the property. This will be necessary if you wish to take these funds out of Thailand at a later date if and when you dispose of the property.

Caution: Be sure the wire transfer has your name exactly as it appears on your bank passbook. If not, it may not be properly credited to your account.

There are several companies that offer online transfer services for a fee.

Each will have their own procedures for setting up an account, initiating transfers, and method of funding.

There are also companies that have counter services in the sending and receiving country such as Western Union. Fees for these services may vary considerably.

We are not in a position to say which service may be the best suited for your purpose.

If you have a Bangkok Bank account here in Thailand, there are three methods to transfer funds from a USA bank to that account.  Click here for a copy of Bangkok Bank's booklet providing information on opening a Bangkok Bank account.

Click the button below for more information on transferring funds from USA to Thailand using their New York Branch


The US Social Security Administration (SSA) includes Thailand in their International Direct Deposit (IDD) system, which allows SSA and other Government benefits to be direct deposited into a Thai bank.

Click here for US Embassy Bangkok Announcement.

The benefit payment recipient enrolls with their paying federal agency (i.e. Social Security Administration, Office of Personnel Management) for International Direct Deposit.

Once enrolled, the recipient will begin receiving direct deposit payments in their foreign account in the specified currency on the designated payment date.

If you are receiving Federal benefit payments and wish to receive these payments by international direct deposit, please contact your paying federal agency to obtain an international direct deposit sign up form.

Arranging for SSA benefits to be direct deposited is handled by a section at the US Embassy in Manila, Philippines.  Click here for  information on setting up an IDD.

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